Drywall Plasterers Australia (DPA) is an exclusive closed Facebook Group. Our group was the first of its kind established in early 2017 for plasterers in Australia and New Zealand. DPA is about sharing knowledge, showcasing work and learning about new products and services available in our industry.


Helping with technical enquiries

If there is a post about one of your tools or products and a member needs help, then feel free to comment on the post and approach the contractor, but please refrain from turning the reply into a sales or marketing pitch – these will be deleted.

Supplying merchandise for giveaways

We have regular giveaways in our group – it’s part of our growth strategy. Supplying merchandise to the group will not only mean your brand name is featured in the post for the giveaway, but your merchandise is getting out into the market where your logo and branding can be seen by other members of the trade.

Supplying tools & materials for trial and PR purposes

Drywall Plasterers Australia accepts tools and materials for trial. When a product is received for trial, it will be posted in the group (with thanks to the supplier). As the product is trialled, additional material will be uploaded to our Instagram account. Not every product trailed will have a video made about it, but if it’s something we are confident in and willing to endorse, a clip will be created according to Drywall Plasterers Australia posting schedule. Want to ensure a clip is made? Check out the section below on sponsoring a video.

We have a growing network of active plasterers! If you’d like feedback from multiple states, simply supply multiples of the product and we will arrange a feedback form to be filled out and returned to you.

Contact us at to arrange delivery or pick up of tools for trial and review.



DPA is open to everyone in the plastering industry located in Australia and New Zealand – contractors, businesses and associations.


We don’t care who you are – the group is a place for everyone to share their thoughts. Racism and defamation are not tolerated within DPA – if a member exhibits this behaviour they will be excluded from the group immediately, without warning.


We encourage tool companies to join our group to see what contractors are talking about, and what frustrates them. If you can help with a frustration, please reply on the thread. Please do not use company titles or branding when replying. We do allow and encourage business affiliations but they are posted and administered through the pages administrators. Check out our contact page to make a business enquiry.


DPA does accept company support and sponsorship – it’s how the page and all these resources are made available to our industry. However, it’s important to note that site administrators will not post about a product that they have not used for at least four (4) weeks and fully stand behind.


Our group is a place for you to show off your work, get feedback on products and tools, and to socialise. Please, let’s keep politics out of our group.


Language – that’s up to you, we’re all part of the plastering industry so administrators don’t moderate language – just personal attacks.


DPA is a fast growing network of social media. The focus is to create a place where plasterers can connect, ask questions and talk shit. To keep DPA going and free to join, we are looking to partner with business in the industry. Contact us to learn more about working with DPA.